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Is there a story you want to share? Do you have skills to teach or life lessons to help others? Do you want to grow your business? Do you have a collection of poems or short stories to tell? Or, do you just want to write a book? Whatever the reason, you can write it and get published now.

Once your book is written and edited the odds are against a traditional publisher even taking the time to read it. The latest figures indicate over 4,500 books hit the market EVERY DAY and only a tiny fraction of them come from traditional publishers. The rest are self-published or come from small publishing houses. Those are two options for your book NOW!

Bill Benitez, owner of Positive Imaging, LLC, can help with either of those options. He’s written three books to help authors publish independently with almost no investment. And, he’s worked with many authors to get books published for a small fee for services based on their needs and skills.

Why not contact Bill at bill@positive-imaging.com or 512.217.4803 to discuss your book? This is a free consultation, no obligation or high pressure. Positive Imaging, LLC is insured and Bill guarantees prompt, reliable, quality, one-on-one services at fair prices. Most importantly, you maintain control, all rights to your book, and all royalties from sales.

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Bill Benitez published my book, "Peace And Healing For The World Using Altars" in 2009. It was exquisitely done with many beautiful pictures of altars.  Almost everyone who saw it said it was the most professional self published book they had ever seen. Bill is truly an artist in the field of publishing.  He is talented, precise, creative, patient, generous, knowledgeable, and has tremendous insight and integrity.  You can place  your manuscript in his hands and be assured the finished product will present you to the world in such a way that you will be delighted and extremely proud. They don't come any better than Bill Benitez!  



In reference to Positive Imaging and Mr. Bill Benitez

In 2008 I published my first book with another self-publishing company. Then I decided to continue the printing and distribution of my book with Positive Imaging. Bill Benitez has been highly recommended and I can joyfully confirm every praise I received about him and his expertise in the self-publishing field.

Recently I published my second book, of course, with Positive Imaging, and Bill has proved one more time his reputation. His patience and constructive ideas in this very sensitive and demanding endeavor made the entire process smooth and successful. His knowledge and flexibility on publishing go far beyond just making the paper-back book available. As electronic books become more and more popular my book will be available via such means thanks to Positive Imaging and Bill Benitez.

Definitely worth mentioning is the financial aspect of self-publishing with Positive Imaging; in this respect Bill has always been fair. As alternatives, other publishing avenues can be very costly.

Also, with his open and friendly personality, constructive discussion has always been available, deadlines have always been met, and the quality of the final product has always been the top priority. Moreover, it is also worth recognizing Bill’s efforts in regards to book promotion and distribution.

Therefore, I would like to recommend Positive Imaging and Bill Benitez to all authors interested in the self-publishing adventure; regardless of book’s genre you will not be disappointed.

Irie Glajar

Self-published author with Positive Imaging.

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