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I’m Bill Benitez, owner of Positive Imaging, LLC, and I’ve published over forty books and ebooks and wrote three books on independent (self) publishing. Many authors have used my one-on-one publishing services and given me positive reviews but on two recent books the authors mentioned  me in their Acknowledgments.

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Once again the genius known as Bill Benitez has taken something I created and turned it into a book available to all. Heartfelt thanks and blessings, Sir!

I offer my deepest gratitude to Bill Benitez of Positive Imaging, LLC. As a novice I had no knowledge about book publishing. Bill patiently guided me step by step from the original concept to the end. I received his counsel and expert advice and appreciated his insightful suggestions. Without Bill’s professional assistance this book would not have been published.

Why not contact me to discuss your book or ebook. I guarantee you prompt, reliable, quality, one-on-one service at fair prices. You maintain control, all rights, and all royalties. Read about my services below for more details.

Book and Ebook Editing

Have you noticed that every time you read your book some other potential change pops up. It seems to be a never ending task. It is difficult to edit your own writing. Your tendency is to continually improve it.

This is not a bad thing and it's good to go through your book several times to make certain that everything is covered as you intend. But, at some point you have to stop if you want to get the book published. This is where a good editor comes in; someone who can catch the small errors that one misses when reading something many times. Our eyes adjust and automatically correct some mistakes instead of noticing them.

An impartial editor will find these small errors and correct them. Beyond that, a good editor can offer valuable suggestions that may improve your book. If you select editing services, our editor will perform a solid editing and in addition to basic corrections will submit a written report with suggestions for your consideration.

Positive Imaging, LLC offers reasonable rates for editing services. I suggest a three part process. The first is a cursory editing to pick up obvious errors and save the main editor a lot of time. Then the editor goes through it carefully and makes obvious corrections and many suggestions that could improve the book. Finally, when the first proof arrives, we do another complete reading to catch anything we missed previously. This three part process eliminates almost all errors from your book. Through the process you will get the kind of personal service that you will appreciate.

Contact me directly with questions or comments at bill@positive-imaging.com or call me at 512-217-4803. Let’s have a no obligation discussion about your book project today.

Positive Imaging, LLC also offers low cost web site hosting with guaranteed 99.9% uptime and all the features you will ever need for your site.

Positive Imaging, LLC is your source for all the help you need to get your book published.

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