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Instead of hesitating, contact Bill Benitez for a free, no obligation, no pressure consultation about writing and publishing your book. He’s written over a dozen books and published more than forty. Call or text him at 512-217-4803 or email bill@positive-imaging.com. You’ll find Bill an untapped, sharing resource of writing and publishing information.

He’s written books on self publishing including a free ebook at http://ebook.publishingsimplified.com/ to help authors publish independently with almost no investment. And, he’s worked with many authors to get books published for a small fee for services based on their needs and skills. Bill’s company, Positive Imaging, LLC is insured and guarantees prompt, reliable, quality, one-on-one services at affordable prices. Most importantly, authors always maintain control, all rights to their book, and all royalties from sales.

In one of Bill’s most recent publishing jobs the author wrote a special thanks in the acknowledgments: “Thank you to Bill Benitez and Positive Imaging Publishing. You went above and beyond anything I ever expected. Thank you for your knowledge, expertise, patience, and diligence.” Bill strives for this level of quality with every author.

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The latest book from Positive Imaging, LLC is Like I Used to Dance by Barbara Frances.

“Oh, Grace, our kids,” laughed Bud. “Where did we go wrong? One marries God, another a Jew and the last one, the devil!”

Texas, 1951. The Wolanskis—Grace, Bud and their three grown children—are a close-knit clan, deeply rooted in their rural community and traditional faith. On their orderly farm, life seems good and tomorrow always holds promise.

But under the surface, it’s a different story. Grace is beset by dark memories and nameless fears that she keeps secret even from Bud. Their son Andy has said no to becoming a farmer like his dad and, worse, fallen in love with a big-city Jewish girl. Youngest child Regina is trapped in a loveless marriage to an abusive, alcoholic husband. Even “perfect” daughter Angela’s decision to become a nun takes an unforeseen turn.

And then Ceil Dollard breezes into town.

Ceil—wealthy, sophisticated, irrepressible—is like a visitor from Mars. She’s a modern woman. She drives a car and wears pants. She blows away tradition and certainty, forcing Grace to face her fears and brave a changing world. Through Ceil, Grace learns about courage and freedom—but at the risk of losing Bud.

Barbara Frances’ sparkling, richly human novel takes you back to a time when Ike was president and life was slower, but people were the same as now. You’ll encounter a cast of characters storm-tossed by change, held together by love. Written with compassion, humor and suspense, Like I Used to Dance will charm you, warm you and even squeeze a few tears, from its opening number to the last waltz.

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When the economy collapses into recession (or worse), men who have learned a variety of construction and household repair skills for everything from roofing to plumbing to glazing will find themselves laid off from their regular jobs with bleak prospects of re-hiring elsewhere. But there is one tremendous possibility that is open to all, that of self-employment as a handyman. In “The Handyman’s Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy”, A William ‘Bill’ Benitez draws upon his personal and professional experience of 30 years in owning and operating a one-man business as a carpenter and handyman, and 20 years as a cabinet/furniture maker, to take readers through s superbly organized approach to starting up their own handyman operation. Every aspect is covered from recruiting customers, to pricing jobs, to getting paid, to expanding skill sets, to using the Internet, to accounting and taxes, and a great deal more. Practical and ‘user friendly’, “The Handyman’s Guide To Profit: Using Your Skills To Make Money In Any Economy” truly lives up to the promise of its title and should be considered essential reading for anyone seeking to setting themselves up to do a profitable business in these unprofitable times.

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Check out the review of my handyman business guide at right from the Midwest Book Review

Review by The Midwest Book Review – 6/6/10

In just 192 pages, A. William Benitez takes the reader through a comprehensive do-it-yourself course on transforming woodworking from a creative and practical hobby to a flourishing and successful business enterprise. Thoroughly ‘user friendly’, “Woodworking Business: Start Quickly and Operate Successfully; An Expert Woodworker Reveals The Keys To Succeeding In The Woodworking Business” covers every aspect of becoming a woodworking entrepreneur beginning with meeting local business regulations; calculating project costs; contracts and forms; recruiting customers (especially with a shoe-string marketing budget); utilizing a web site as a 24-hour showroom; dealing with the IRS; accounting and taxes; and building up a ‘brand name’ recognition for your work and your company. Practical, superbly organized and presented, “Woodworking Business” should be considered mandatory reading for anyone seeking to establish their woodworking pastime into a full-fledge and profitable business.

Micah Andrew, Reviewer

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A New Hero Is Born

Lottie is my kind of people. A real person. Caring, smart, savvy. She may be only a kid, but she's a great role model for anybody. And she has the most interesting, sometimes kind of scary, adventures. And she meets weird people, funny people, wacky people, serious people. Sometimes she gets herself in a pickle, but she always rises to the occasion and figures out how to get out of it. She doesn't reject the kindness of strangers either. 

More than anything, Lottie is saturated with decency. She's doesn't have to be in control all the time. She can be vulnerable. She can be hurt. But she likes herself no matter what. And she likes people. All people. If you liked A Wrinkle in Time, you'll like Lottie's Adventures as well. 

DAW, Austin, Texas

It's an exciting thriller that makes you want to keep on reading.

Adam Lubbers, age 12

What a refreshing plot. All of the characters are so believable. Lottie seems like someone that you have known who lives across town, down the street, or maybe even your next door neighbor. We need more stories like this one that show just how important family connections are. The older and younger generations connect in such a loving way as Lottie showed so much compassion for someone not of her race or gender. How awesome! There are lots of readers, young and old, who will find this an intriguing tale.

Wanda Hasley, Retired Teacher

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Lottie’s Adventure: Facing The Monster” is a vibrant chapter book mystery for preteens that emphasizes the importance of intergenerational communication and love as well as the immense value of thinking beyond cultural stereotypes. To develop a new moral code or vision, both these elements are crucial. Perhaps the most striking quality of “Lottie’s Adventure: A Kidnapping Unraveled” is its powerful positive energy. Featuring a spunky 10-year-old Hispanic heroine, “Lottie’s Adventure” keeps interest high and pages turning with exciting plot twists and turns and believable cliffhangers that just keep evolving. The author allows her characters to develop very naturally, with total authenticity. There are many excellent ideas embedded in the story, not the least of which is that people, even wise adults, can learn to admit they are wrong. “Lottie’s Adventure” goes a long way towards building a viable alternative to prejudice, and for that and many other reasons, it is highly recommended juvenile reading for kids age 10 and up. 
(Review from The Midwest Book Review)

Copyright    2016    A. William Benitez

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Positive Imaging published Deep Photographs: The Education of a Sociologist, a fascinating and insightful new book by socialogist and educator David Weiner. The many stories from life experiences will keep you reading and learning. Here are David’s words on the back cover.

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Tiring of me moping about the house one summer sans project, my wife suggested "Why don't you write down the stories you love to tell. Don't worry about getting published. Have fun!" Begun grudgingly, the project totally absorbed me within a week. These were not just stories, they were the seminal events that shaped my life as educator and community engaged sociologist. More than a decade later, it seems to me they may be more than this. They also provide glimpses of the hidden workings of society. Like one of the blind questions in the Parable of the Elephant, it privileges me, therefore, humbly to offer my sensations of it as pieces of the puzzle that is our culture.

Upon beginning Peace and Healing for the World Using Altars, I began to respond deeply to Lucretia's words. In the nurturing environment of Thyme and Dough in Dripping Springs, TX, (which she mentions in her credits), I spoke into the air around me, affirming YES. Having worked with her in years previous, I already appreciate her clear and compassionate communication as well as her healing guidance. Through entering her home environments I know her visual acuity and remember beautiful jewelry (personal power necklaces) created for me and others, and the ceremony she skillfully creates, the energy she brings to each endeavor. She is passionate about her life's work.

This book will be a balm and an entrance for some, a welcoming back home for others. To each of us who pick up and open these pages, the mystery of life–it's very heart–unfolds as palms opening toward us.

Barbara Clubb, Artist and Teacher, Driftwood, Texas

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Peace and Healing For The World Using Altars was an adventure of gratitude. As I journeyed through the author’s experiences, I saw how she processed her life experiences through the creation of each altar. The symbols in each altar reflected the pathway that the author used to change the mundane into sacred as she experienced each relationship in her life. She also demonstrates how each person in her sacred space is honored as reflections of Goddess energy. Most importantly, she uses a variety of symbols and materials to express Goddess energy in the earth.

Lazetta Church, M.A., Writer, Artist, International Speaker

Dripping Springs, Texas

Lucretia’s insightful book has inspired me to create a shrine to family and friends, one that reminds me of the joy of life and the positive vibes I can send out to everyone. Thank you and many blessings on your endeavors.

John Fry, Engineer, Driftwood, Texas

In Escape To Freedom, Irie Glajar, a mathematics professor in Austin, Texas describes his hair-raising and amazing true story of his escape from the totalitarian and crushing communist regime of 1981 Romania.

Irie, then only 26 years old, risked his life and everything else in a daring escape from Romania through what was then the old Yugoslavia and Italy, in a quest for a life of freedom in the U.S.A.

With the tight hold the communists kept on their citizens, the odds of a successful escape were slim and the penalties if caught were drastic. With little money and no vehicle, Irie decided to take the risk.

Having little knowledge of a foreign country, Irie had to seek information and help from strangers whose language he didn’t understand. During each one of these contacts he risked being turned in to the local authorities for substantial rewards and could have been sent back to Romania for certain severe punishment.

In addition to his dangerous travels out of the Communist Bloc, Escape To Freedom is Irie’s story of his early years in Romania, including his education and his struggles with communist oppression. His book also describes his new adventure and successes once he finally reached the freedom of the U.S.A.

Escape To Freedom is a chronicle that will entertain and inspire all who read it to follow their own dreams for a fulfilled life in freedom. Get your copy now by clicking the Buy Now button below.

Dear Bill,

I recently purchased your "Starting a Woodworking Business" ebook and I would like to make some comments please.

Having been a part-time woodworker for almost 30 yrs, I had always wanted to start my own business but was never really quite sure about how to go about it. Your book describes the process in a clear, concise manner while at the same time advising of the potential pitfalls. This has helped me to go into my business with my eyes wide open. I especially like the simplified woodworking concept and will adapt some of my methods to this style in an effort to be more productive.

I also like the fact that you personally respond to emails. There are other products on the net that seem to be run by autoresponders, not humans!

I will be pleased to offer a personal testimonial should the need ever arise.

Thank you Bill. Kind regards.

Neil Rogers, Australia.

Hello Bill,

Your ebook entitled "Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business" is very comprehensive. You did an amazing job writing it! It answered every question I could possibly ask about my woodworking business. I recommend "Starting and Operating A Woodworking Business" to anyone in this business! As part of my ongoing mission to find the best tools to run my woodworking business, this is without a doubt at the top of my list.

Chris Looney, Hardwood Technology
Custom Cabinets & Woodworking

TEACH FOR LIFE, the new book by Irie Glajar, a math professor, provides many easy, fun, effective, and practical ways for each of us as human beings and citizens of the world, to fulfill our dual duties as teachers and students. We all have the responsibility to learn and teach forever. Irie’s book can help us enjoy and effectively handle our double duties and opportunities in those two most important capacities. His daring escape in 1981 at age 26 from, then, hard-core Communist Romania, and his life thereafter in the U.S.A show that a motivated person can accomplish virtually anything.

At a convention in 2009, I happened to meet one of Irie’s former students. She recalled that back in the 1980’s, “Irie made math fun.” In TEACH FOR LIFE, Irie shares with us effective and fun means of enjoying and fulfilling our endless opportunities to teach and learn.

Flem de Graffenried, Houston, Texas

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“This important book is concerned with the direction that moderm societies have taken with the alienation of citizens of the world; the division between and within all cultures that the inhabitants of the planet are experiencing. War, violence, and agression are a result. Irie Glajar, a teacher, explains that we are all one, and that until we perceive the unity and connectedness of our Universe, we will not succeed as a species. He ends with a letter to Presidents and terrorists proposing a “World Unity Conference for Heads of States,” with the sole purpose of discussing the unity of all things. Irie had captured the essence of the causes, and a solution to the problems that the world currently faces.”

Don Switlick, Austin Community Group Coordinator, Institute of Noetic Science

This is one of the most thought provoking books that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It weaves historical facts into a world fabric that backs up the beautiful theory of “WE ARE ALL ONE.” We need a million of these books delivered to our world leaders so that we can all get on the same page. It truly is an intelligent and enjoyable read.

David R. H. Walker, Creative Director and Author

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Biscuit Joiner: A Woodworker’s How-To Guide To Biscuit Joinery

For over 25 years I owned and operated a one-person woodworking business. During most of those years I built large and small quality cabinets and furniture pieces for residential and commercial customers. For almost every project I took full advantage of the capabilities of Biscuit Joiners to make my work easier, faster, and more profitable. In Biscuit Joiner: A Woodworker’s How-To Guide To Biscuit Joinery I share everything I learned about using Biscuit Joiners during those years. I still use Biscuit Joiners to build projects for our home and some of those projects are illustrated in this book.

Biscuit Joiner: A Woodworker’s How-To Guide To Biscuit Joinery is available now with free shipping. For complete information about this new book on biscuit joiner click HERE or on the book cover at left. Get your copy now by clicking on the Buy Now button below.

For those just beginning, this book contains a helpful Getting Started chapter. For others who are already operating a woodworking business and may be struggling to profit from their skills, there are six additional chapters filled with detailed information, a preface, an introduction, a glossary, and a personal notes section that will help you with every step toward profitability

Woodworking Business 101: A Basic Business Guide For Woodworkers serves as an excellent beginning with the basics of the woodworking business and including all other aspects of the business of woodworking such as licenses, local and federal taxes, best ways to deal with suppliers, setting up bank accounts both checking and savings, using and accepting credit cards, the critically important aspects of contracting for work, the difficulties of accounting including unique, much easier methods, and the less than pleasant task of dealing with the IRS.

Woodworking Business 101: A Basic Business Guide For Woodworkers helps you to develop methods to get customers but more importantly it shows you the best ways to keep customers after that first job. Get your copy now with free shipping by clicking on the Buy Now button below.

If you have written or are writing a book I can help you to get it published without a major investment. Just email bill@positive-imaging.com or call me at 512-217-4803 for a no obligation, no pressure consultation and let’s talk about it. I’ll be glad to offer my advice.

Please contact me with any questions or comments. I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you. Thanks.

Bill Benitez
Positive Imaging, LLC

Relationship: Notes on Love, Mutual Respect, Boundaries, Marriage, and Divorce, is a total departure from anything I’ve previously written but early reviews have been positive as shown below. Get your copy by clicking on the Buy Now button below.

Oftentimes clear, true insight comes from someone not “trained” or “educated” in a particular field of thought. This book represents one of those times. The subject of “relationships” is so complicated few outside the legal/ counseling/mental health arenas even attempt to address it for fear of being ignored, misunderstood or, worse yet, laughed at.

The author’s conversational style makes his book about the subject quite easy to read / understand and as one absorbs his meaning . . . believable. It rings so true that as I was reading, I kept wanting to cut out paragraphs to put on my computer, refrigerator and bathroom mirror!

Read this book. You will be glad you found it. In fact, you will probably send a copy to your child . . . I did!

Author, editor, publisher

A compelling tale of faith, folly and the wisdom of the heart. The Last Magi is the story of Artaban, the fourth Wise Man. Leaving behind his betrothed—the fiery and beautiful Rasha—he follows his fellow Magi to Bethlehem, there to crown “the child born to be king.”

But Artaban is too late, the Infant and his family have gone. Thus begins a quest that takes the Mage through the cities and wastes of Asia and Europe, through years of hardship and peril. Mocked and impoverished, alone but for his sardonic servant, Ismail, Artaban doggedly persists, even as his body falters and his eyes dim. Is it all for naught?

Told in ringing prose and rich with vibrant characters, The Last Magi is a gripping narrative of one man’s magnificent obsession, of love, danger, despair and redemption. Here is a book to cherish, to read and reread. Here is an old-fashioned fireside tale for children of every age.

The Last Magi is a perfect any occasion gift for family or friends. Order your copies now for only $11.95 each by clicking on the Buy Now button below.

E. A. Sharpe is a Texas writer who has written plays, screenplays, novels, documentaries, magazine articles, reviews, newspaper columns, web sites, advertisements, commercials, infomercials, letters to the editor and occasional postcards. He can be contacted at WordSharpe@gmail.com .

My book, Self Publishing: How To Publish Your Print Book or eBook Step by Step, was published on July 31, 2012. It’s based entirely on first-hand experience and contains in-depth, step-by-step, instructions and clear screen shots on my proven method for writing, editing, and publishing books and ebooks successfully.

Writing and publishing a quality book can be a complex, costly, and difficult job. The idea is just the beginning of a long list of tasks including planning, outlining, writing every chapter, editing, making certain it is well organized and easy to read, and creating a print-ready file for the POD printer.

Part of the process includes creating a great title that will draw potential book buyers and be easy to read on an interesting cover even as a small image on a web site. Then you need to create the web site to tell everyone all the details about your new book and how they can get a copy. This is a long list of steps and handling each one professionally will contribute to creating and selling a quality book.



Self Publishing: How To Publish Your Print Book or eBook Step by Step, carefully details a method I have used for more than ten books and will help you publish successfully. Get complete information now by clicking on the title above. Get your copy now by clicking on the Buy Now button below.

Woodworking Simplified: Book 1: Your How-To Guide for Making Beautiful and Functional Projects - Book One

Book One is the first of a series of books aimed at beginning and novice woodworkers who want to want to start building great projects for family and friends.

Book One will guide you through six projects using low cost, consumer level power tools available at home improvement and department stores. I built every project in this book  using these tools - and so can you!

You’ll find lots more details about Book 1 and the forthcoming complete series by clicking on the Buy Now button below.

Metal Spikes is an inspirational book for young boys dreaming of playing baseball at a higher level but it also teach life fundamentals. Check out the review below:

As an avid reader, I was impressed with the level of storytelling from a first-time author. Metal Spikes tells the story of Billy and his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. Along the way, the adults around him will show him what’s important in the effort to realize that dream. The book shows a boy learning the power of paying attention to those adults and we hear the inner voice of an intelligent and driven individual as he makes progress toward that dream. I can’t wait to read the other 6 books in the series and to see what happens to his friends as they work on their own dreams.

A great book for kids of all ages and one that parents can use to teach life lessons in a fun and relevant way. It makes me wonder what I might have accomplished with these people around when I was younger. Buy this for every child you care about and give them a fighting chance with their own dreams.

Bill Hagara

Austin-based Technology Entrepreneur

Get your copy today for only $12.95 plus shipping and sales tax by clicking on the Buy Now button below. Or contact Warren directly at whaskin@helppeople.com to get a signed copy.

I wrote both of the books listed below based entirely on the methods I use everyday to publish print books and ebooks and distribute them world wide. Every step is explained in detail and illustrated with screen shots to make them easy to understand and carry out. Even though they are both print books, They are priced low and easily affordable. Get your copy now by clicking on the Book cover or the Buy Now button below the book. Besides the comprehensive information in the book you will find my email address and I welcome your questions.

How-To Independently Publish Print Books With No Investment is an in-depth, comprehensive, how-to book that explains every step of a method I used to successfully and independently publish more than twenty five paperback books. Included are detailed instructions and concise screen shots to ensure that anyone can follow the process. Every step has been tested and proven to work on many books presently on sale worldwide.

The how-to information in How-To Independently Publish Print Books With No Investment is based solely on first-hand experience and includes methods for writing, editing, creating print-ready files, creating book covers, and the creation of a web site or blog to market your book.

Instead of a confusing variety of ways to publish your book, it describes a specific, detailed method that works every time to help you independently publish a quality book successfully. How-To Independently Publish Print Books With No Investment is available now for only $8.95 plus sales tax and shipping by clicking the book cover at left or the Buy Now button below. Also available at Amazon.com with the “look inside” feature.

If you have a story to tell or a skill to teach others, ebooks are the perfect vehicle to get your message across. Independent Publishing of Ebooks is a down-to-earth, easy to read, how-to book filled with detailed instructions on writing, editing, and preparing a quality ebook for Kindle, Smashwords, Clickbank, and even your own web site. The step-by-step instructions, based entirely on years of first-hand experience, will guide you through the entire process. As added value you have access to the author by email. I welcome questions and comments.

My name is Bill Benitez and I wrote this book after publishing over a dozen ebooks and more than twenty five print books. I’ve worked to develop the simplest, most effective, and proven methods to get ebooks ready for all devices. I own and operate Positive Imaging, LLC, an independent publishing house. Check it out on Google or at http://positive-imaging.com Independent Publishing of Ebooks covers everything you need to know to create ebooks.

Independent Publishing of Ebooks is available now for only $6.95 plus sales tax and shipping by clicking the book cover at right or the Buy Now button below. Also available at Amazon.com with the “look inside” feature.

Behind The Glass Door by David L. Mundine is the latest book published by Positive Imaging, LLC.

David L. Mundine was raised in a family that attended church, Sunday school, and even vacation bible school. He always felt close to God and was an ordinary boy. In 1965, at age thirteen, his ordinary life was shaken by an extraordinary experience.

This marked the beginning of many such experiences that he seldom shared with anyone for fear of ridicule. Now, after more than fifty years of keeping these incidents secret, David has written a book describing them all in great detail including the day in 1983 when he saw Jesus.

To write Behind The Glass Door David Mundine had to overcome the fear of putting himself out there for possible ridicule and humiliation.

Now, after years of resistance, he bravely shares all the details of the visions and other deeply moving experiences of his life. It’s a journey from which all of us can learn and gain inspiration.

Behind The Glass Door is now available by clicking on the Buy Now button below and by visiting Amazon.com and other resellers for $10.95 plus sales tax and shipping.

Behind The Glass Door is also available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon.com.

Echoes From My Heart is a compilation of poems Jo Ann Jones wrote over many years. A beautiful collection inspired throughout her life’s challenges and joys with continuous inspiration and encouragement from family and friends.  

The poems are divided into nine topics, so you can choose to read the poems in any order. Each topic page has a scripture to share God’s word for the upcoming poems. Read these poems at your leisure or when you need a reminder of God’s blessings and grace.

In addition to acquiring beautiful poetry, you will be contributing to a good cause as all the profits from the sale of Echoes From my Heart will go to the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home in Deltona, FL.

Echoes From My Heart is in print and available for only $12.95 plus shipping and sales tax. All profits from the sale of of the book go directly to the United Methodist Children’s Home in Deltona, FL. Just click on the Buy Now button below to purchase with any credit card. Thanks.

In THE FOREVER PENNY, widower and author Allen C. Liles shares his grief journey since his wife Jan died unexpectedly in February, 2017.

Rev. Liles details how he began finding pennies everywhere after Jan passed. Finally, he decided it was his wife’s way of reassuring him of her continuing presence. That feeling became strengthened when, during a meditation on the day following Jan’s death, the indwelling voice of the Holy Spirit also confirmed her supportive presence.

If you need comfort during your grief process, THE FOREVER PENNY can offer hope, understanding and peace.

THE FOREVER PENNY will be published in print and as a Kindle ebook on February 28, 2018. The regular price for this wonderful book is only $14.95 plus shipping. Place a prepublication order NOW and get your copy for just $12.00 with Free Shipping within the Continental USA. Just click the Buy Now button below and place your order. The book will be shipped to you immediately upon publication.

If you are interested in modern German history, you will find this true story of the struggle that this ordinary family living in East Prussia (Germany) had to endure in the first half of the twentieth century absolutely fascinating.

This book tells the history of the Spickschen family, often using actual narratives, and it is unique because of the wealth of source material and interviews with witnesses available to the author who was then able to make the characters come alive. The parents lived through two world wars, the difficult times during and between these wars and the devastation in Germany following World War II.

Despite all of the adversities they endured, the parents taught, their children to always trust in God and to love and support each other and to respect and be tolerant to the people around them. The Spickschen family has now grown to over 100 members who live in two continents, Europe and North America. While their parents have passed, the remaining four original siblings keep in close contact with each other and every three years a family reunion is held that brings most of the family together.

Get your copy now for only $19.95 plus shipping by clicking on the Buy Now button below.

Thoughts Alive by Cindy Wahlberg is the answer to all the questions you have been seeking. It's the  Truth, the Power of Who We Are. Written by Cindy Wahlberg Holistic Health Practitioner, Wellness Coach, and Master Herbalist.

Cindy realized her own powers while sitting in her new apartment halfway across the country. Not knowing how on Earth she got there, how she pulled off what she thought was impossible. In that moment, she realized all that she had wished for, desired, dreamed of 5 years prior had come true. So began her journey, her deep understanding of just how Powerful our Thoughts are. We are the creators of our own life. Our Thoughts are Powerful and  Create EVERYTHING that comes to us.

Get your copy of Thoughts Alive by clicking on the Buy Now button below. The Kindle version is available from Amazon.com.