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You’ve just written every author’s favorite words: the end. I know first hand that It’s been a long, lonely trek, so take some time to celebrate because many authors never reach this point.

Of course, “the end” is often just the beginning. Until it’s published, your book remains a stack of pages. Time was, that meant mailing your manuscript to agents and publishers, waiting (and waiting) for a response (most often a rejection letter) and mailing it out again. Then more waiting: weeks, months… one year… two…   

Not The Only Way

That’s the old way, and it still is for some authors but it doesn’t have to be for you. That‘s no longer the only way. In the last few years the publishing industry has undergone a sea change. You can still mail your manuscript—and I wish you all the best if that’s your choice—or you can take a giant step into the brave new world of self-publishing. Every day, Indie authors upload hundreds of eBooks. Every day, other Indie authors publish dozens of print books with large, well-established, and often expensive self-publishing houses.

A Last Resort?

But self-publishing, isn’t a last resort, something for literary losers, people who can’t get published any other way? Hardly. No one knows the exact percentage of manuscripts that make it to print, but knowledgeable observers estimate the odds are many thousands to one. That means a lot of good works go undiscovered.

Sure, everyone wants to be published by a big New York house, but what are the odds. As of April, 2014 available data indicates that over 700,000 books are being published annually. Of those, only a tiny percentage are published by traditional publishing houses. That was two years ago. The last number I heard was 100,000 books each month, over a million annually.

These aren’t good odds but you don’t have to wait for some gatekeeper to get your book published. You can publish it yourself. Not only will you get your book published and available worldwide, but having a “real” book, the kind you can hold in your hands and turn the pages, may improve your chances of jumping the slush pile. If done professionally, self publishing can equal and even exceed the quality of traditional publishing. And some, admittedly few, self publishers have already become millionaires and famous, in some cases receiving substantial offers from traditional publishers because of the fame. So, it would seem that in spite of the implied stigma, the most important thing about a book is still the quality

Self-Published Success Stories

Self-publication is how more than a few bestsellers got their start. Everyone knows about lightning-strike blockbusters like The Martian or Fifty Shades of Grey, but you probably don’t know the self-published shelf includes Lisa Genova’s Still Alice; William Young’s The Shack; Richard Paul Evans’ The Christmas Box; Meredith Wild’s Hard Love series; Robert Kyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Richard Boles’ What Color Is Your Parachute? and Irma Rombauer’s venerable The Joy of Cooking. These are just the best known. Many more have made their authors sizeable sums and even led to careers.

Still, some people are embarrassed to be self-published. They shouldn’t be. Self-publishing has a long and honorable history. Jane Austin paid for the first edition of Sense and Sensibility. Beatrix Potter did the same for The Adventures of Peter Rabbit. So did Walt Whitman, James Joyce and Marcel Proust. No one would call them literary losers.

How Do You Define Success?

Frankly, if fat royalty checks are all you care about, you’re in the wrong profession. But you know that. And you know why you write: because you love it. Maybe you’re not even interested in commercial success. Maybe you just want something to share with family and friends. Maybe you’ve written a book to enhance your professional reputation or address an issue in your field. Maybe you’ve written a book of local history or a memoir of the time you were in a rock band or ballet troupe or lived in Alaska for a year. If you’re like me you write to share your knowledge and skills with others. The reason you write is personal and that’s good enough.

I Can Help You Make It Happen

Whatever your reason for writing, whatever your goal, I can help you realize it. I’m a lifetime entrepreneur who began his first publishing business in 1978 writing and publishing books on housing. Over the years I’ve been a custom woodworker, a homebuilder, ran an 80-person community development department in Tampa, served as IT Manager for the Austin Hyatt Regency for over 20 years and found the time to write 16 books and published 28. (Got a question? Ask me now at bill@positive-imaging.com.)

Not the Biggest (and we like it that way)

My company, Positive Imaging, LLC, is not the biggest self-publishing house in America. In fact, it may be the smallest. Sure, I’m in business to make money, but it’s about more than that. I love writing and publishing and helping others to get books published. Personally working with authors is more than a job; it’s a passion. I maintain low overhead and peace of mind by avoiding corporate nonsense. Each year I publish a small number of books with loving care and plan on keeping it that way.

No Publishing Packages

If you browse Authorhouse or Balboa Press or Lulu or any of the top twenty self-publishing firms, one of the first things you’ll see is a half-dozen publishing packages, a bundle of services, most with a hefty price tag.

I don’t have any packages. Instead I offer a buffet of services. You choose the help you want. You can save by taking advantage of your skills and I can coach you to help you do more. There’s no pressure, no nudges to get those little extras that bump up the sale. Once we determine what you want me to do I’ll give you a quote geared to your needs. Whatever you want, I’m good with it. Maybe in New York that’s considered a weird attitude, but here in Austin, I fit right in.

Why not contact me now at bill@positive-imaging.com or call me at 512-217-4803. Let’s discuss your book today, without obligation.

If you’re one of those multi-talented authors who would like to try publishing your book on your own, I can still help you. I wrote the book on self publishing and it’s entitled: Self Publishing: How To Publish Your Print Book or eBook Step by Step. You can get a copy for only $19.95 by clicking on the title and you will find complete, step-by-step instructions and I welcome your email questions anytime.

Not convinced? Check out the reviews for this book on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/1YDlobk .

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